Privacy Policy

 Updated and effective from May 27, 2016

We, Alleviate IT Consultancy Private Limited (the “AITC”), are very conscious about the privacy of the users of (the “Website”).

User can visit the websites on the World Wide Web without revealing User’s Personal Identifiable Information (the “PII”)  (PII means any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another and can be used for de-anonymizing) with AITC, however, in some cases AITC may ask for PII  from the User of Website. In general, the collected PII is used only to respond to inquiry, process an order or allow to access specific account information. The AITC may disclose the PII with Government agencies, where the disclosure is necessary for compliance of a legal obligation or where required by government agencies mandated under law to procure such disclosure. The collected PII may be hold by the AITC as long as there is a business requirement, or if otherwise required under applicable laws.

The User hereby acknowledges that there is no compulsion on the User to disclose us PII of User and PII disclosed by User with the AITC is with User full consent, own volition and desire to provide such PII. User also understand that AITC is under no obligation to verify the source from which the PII about user is provided/disclosed to the AITC and PII are deemed to be provided by User, unless User satisfactorily convey and established to the AITC, within reasonable time from the date of providing of such information to the AITC that the information was provided to the AITC without User free consent.

Under the common practice AITC’s Web servers generally collect the domain names, not the e-mail addresses, of User to analysis the collected data to improve the overall functionality and operational performance of the Website to serve its User in more professionally. User accessing the Website signifies User unconditional consent to permit the collection of user’s domain names.

The AITC, in general practice, use Cookies to deliver tailored information to the User of the website. A cookies are a tool of modern technology in which a tiny element of data can be sent to browser of User by a Website to store in the hard drive of User to recognize the User when User return on the Website. User can set his/her browser to notify on receiving a cookie. Browsing the Website signifies User unconditional consent to receive such cookies.

The Website may publish/display Weblinks to other Websites. As a sound policy the AITC is committed to link only Websites which follow the high standards and respect for privacy, but in any case the AITC are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices applied by other sites/entity.

The AITC reserve the right to change/ update this privacy policy from time to time and the same changed/updated policy will be published with this Website. All the previous version will be available in an archive for User review.

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