Mobile Application

Locate Buddy

Locate Buddy enables you to track your buddies locations on the maps. Additionally, users can invite his contacts to join this app. Locate Buddy comes loaded with features such as user can share his location with all or selected buddies, track buddies on maps (only if they have shared location with

Blood Relations

Blood Relation is the Unique app which is used to help a blood needed person to find a blood donor or Donate Blood of a specific blood group based on a geographic location. User can select a location where the Blood is required. Any user can do the Registration about the Need or Donating the Blood a

Thoughts of the day

“Thought of the Day” {TOD} Mobile Application is your motivational guide. Which Provides a nice positive thought on your mobile can make your day and motivate you every time. Staying Positive and having positive thoughts can sure be a reason of a better life. But people find it hard to keep thei

Health App

Health App is developed to help you keep track of your body parameters such as Body Mass Index, rate of alcohol in your drinks, Pregnancy Date Predictor for the Mother's with Prediction of your child height & Blood Donation Date. Health App uses unique procedures to make the Personal medicinal d

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